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Social games

Credit: Josep Martins / Unsplash

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  2. Socializing games

The design of socializing games is one of Abl Bla Lab's expertise and comes in three variants

  • 1- Original games
  • 2- Games to customize for your organization
  • 3- Creation of custom games

    Some games for the general public are on sale in our shop area , while others can be custom-made and even animated by us! Animate an evening to help socialization, create a treasure hunt or a bingo, or animate the beginning or the end of a meeting, all the concepts are developed in line with the needs of the organizers of the event.

Original games

History on the menu

is an icebreaker-type conversation game that allows you to learn about each other's stories and even create new stories together and share them. Socializing event game Histoire au menu offers to have fun while getting to know each other.

  • between 30 and 45 mins
  • From 7 to 107 years old
  • between 2 and 18 people per kit. For large groups, use several kits.

Target clientele: ideal for team networking, family dinners or any other gathering where people want to discuss their interests

BAPUPA - Public Speaking Bank

is a game that stages two players at the same time thanks to popular dialogues, literature, plays or films from various cultural origins.

  • between 5 and 55 min, depending on the choice of scenes!
  • From 7 to 107 years old
  • Number of players 2 by 2 in rotation

Target clientele: ideal for passing places, family dinners or any other event with passing people who want to laugh while playing characters, practicing empathy and laughing

Target clientele: Festival, municipalities, neighborhood, fair-type gathering


is a fast-paced icebreaker game in space to start a fun encounter, meet to music, and invent new ways to say hello... like a handful of feet instead of a hand shake ? ***Warning*** may contain traces of laughter and goofy gaits.

  • 15-25 minutes
  • From 7 to 107 years old
  • Group, minimum 6 people

Games to customize for your organization

Crime scene !

is a crime scene making game that practices collaborative storytelling. Designed specifically for groups, it allows alternating between duets, small groups, individual and large group feedback and then creating a story through everyone's participation.

  • 45- 75 minutes
  • From 7 to 107 years old
  • Group, minimum 8 people

Stories on the menu - Customizable menu

The Stories on the Menu game is personalized according to your event or subject.

  • between 30 and 45 mins
  • From 7 to 107 years old
  • between 2 and 18 people per kit.

The THOUSAND FINS - Urban treasure hunt

This type of treasure hunt is flexible according to the district. Always designed In situ, Les Mille fins is a modular game according to the history of the district, the type of fun course desired and the possible sponsoring partners. Ideal for large groups between 30 and 200 people.

*Preparation between 4 and 12 months in advance, depending on the needs.*

Custom game creation

The examples of the following games have been tailor-made through continuous discussions with the needs of the organizations and the iterative input of stakeholders along the way.

PIPOES- Ping Pong of enigmas

Client the SAT creation of a tailor-made collaborative game in telepresence for BIBLIOLAB with the libraries of the city of Montreal, October 2018 and with 30 young people in 3 different cities, 2019:

VIRIDIS- A thousand treasure hunt in the heart of the Latin Quarter

Client the Latin Quarter Commercial Development Society, in partnership with BAnQ and Montréal en lumière. February 2020