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About us

Credit: Clark Van Der Beken / Unsplash

Abl Bla Lab offers team buildings and community building.

Whether it's a treasure hunt to learn about the history of a neighborhood or thoughtful strategic planning with all the members of your teams or even a networking game to amplify the bond between colleagues, Abl Bla Lab co-designs with you to that your activities are engaging, stimulate curiosity and the pleasure of learning, both about each other and about the subjects you want to put forward.

Our mission is to connect humans to amplify beneficial social connections through games. At the intersection between events, game design and social innovation, we aspire to play in presence to help humans regain their ability to collaborate, have fun and develop their natural collective and creative intelligence.

Alexia is an outstanding game master!

-Une participante en TeamBuilding avec 40 collègues


The backbone of all Abl Bla Lab experiences is full body integration in action symbolized by the company name:

Abl(e) = Capacity to
Bla = move a message
Lab = by playing it

Collaborative design is rooted in relational friendliness, in sustainable and responsible development, both social and environmental. We use research-proven methods that include living lab, collective intelligence and human-centered emotional intelligence.

Credit: Photo Yasuko Tadokoro

Biography of the founder

In more than 25 years of experience, Alexia Bhéreur-Lagounaris (ABL) has carried out mandates for collaborative process design, creative direction, event creation, scientific programming, large-scale partnership coordination, talent scouting and scriptwriting for Cirque du Soleil, Société Radio-Canada, Wasabi Event Marketing, Lalala Human Steps, Québec Cinéma, the McConnell Foundation, Communagir and the National Institute for Scientific Research. First trained in dance and theater, she has a BAC in interactive multimedia and a master's degree in M.Sc. Planning, Design and Complexity option at UdeM. In 2016, she started Abl Bla Lab which stems from her research exposed in her master's degree on social impact games and is a frequent guest speaker on the importance of human-centered design in the context of socio-ecological transition.

Some clients and allied partners: L'Université de Montréal, Quartier des spectacles; Maison de l’innovation sociale; Quartier de l’innovation; Société des Arts Technologiques; Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec; La société commerciale du Quartier Latin; La grande bibliothèque de BAnQ; Montréal Joue; Mémoire du Mile End; Vibrant Marketing; Rialto; Atypics; Millénium Québecor; Fougarou; Future and Reality of Gaming; Centre de recherche en santé publique; Tryspaces; Innoweave; Rue Publique; La Société des Demains.

The board of directors and the creative committee are made up of allies who join the team as advisor, partner, collaborator, sometimes co-designer or game designer, depending on the events, projects and Games.

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