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Collaborative process design

Credit: Josep Martins / Unsplash

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  2. Collaborative process design

Collaborative process design

Collaborative process design is a way of reflecting on the sequence, content and rules of play of a meeting, a brainstorming, a meeting or a workshop, with the key people of the event . This service design makes it possible to include members, partners, users, colleagues and allies sometimes called upon, from the ideation stage, to participate in the event program. This service is intended for company managers who wish to strengthen the bonds between their team members, dismantle isolation and break down silos, or even in the case of setting up a new team.

Watch this video of the Living Lab and FORUM for the Film and Television Industry Quebec Office- collaboration with La société des demains

This service may include any of the following:

  • Design to bring out collective, empathetic and creative intelligence
  • Creative director for engaging immersive content
  • Living Lab création
  • Team planning, strategic thinking, Strategic retreat, participant engagement
  • Co-design with the organizers to align the objectives in an inclusive way
  • Consulting services: support and training for facilitators