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"Play is a language that engages"

Credit: Jason Leung / Unsplash

Amplifying positive social ties through play

More than ever, we live in a society where human bonds are weakened. But where do we begin to influence greater empathy, trust and openness? Indeed, play and games are a vector of values that can help us practice new postures and greater personal and social well-being, at work as well as in friendship and family. Ready to play stimulating and pleasant collaborative transitions to better welcome our differences?

Whether you're looking to gamify your event to make it fun and engaging, design a memorable, inclusive planification or create a bond through a team treasure hunt, Abl Bla Lab will design or codeign with you enjoyable moments of collaboration.

Memorable experiences

to live and to make live!

Do you need retreat design and facilitation? Brainstorming for cross-sector strategic planning? Or a fun Team Building session that includes equity, diversity of viewpoints and social inclusion? Look no further, we're here to co-create with you the event, workshop or treasure hunt that engages your members and your audience and transforms it into an memorable experience.

We offer 3 types of collaborative and participatory design services and are always open to brainstorming with you