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Credit: Josep Martins / Unsplash

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We offer three types of services

Collaborative process design

Gamification of participatory events

Socializing games

The Abl Bla Lab experience

We believe that play is an accessible way to break isolation, to reconnect with your body and your environment. Our actions are centered on the human being, in order to bring out emotional and collective intelligence and to solidify our links and our complementarities in response to the current climatic upheavals. Playing physically together not only allows us to trigger hormones of happiness, but also allows a field of exploration to learn and experiment with others new postures, habits, values and relationships.


Alexia is attentive, creative and open to suggestions which makes working with her very easy and pleasant. His exploratory approach based on numerous experiments directly in the system and mobilizing different types of users allowed him to refine his proposal over time to offer an intuitive and effective final version. PIPOES was a great success! A very nice experience to repeat.”

- Cliente, directrice du projet à la S.A.T.

Her keen listening skills, understanding of relational issues and theoretical clarity (scientifically proven!) make her a collaborative experience designer who strengthens not only the team, but also each team member. We were able to be nourished, gain clarity and consolidate our strengths, while moving forward in our common inclusive goal.

If you like to integrate fun, team cohesion aligned towards a targeted impact on your objectives, do business with Alexia, I highly recommend her!

- Cliente, directrice générale de Millénium Québécor

The entertainment was excellent. The newspaper and the map were really well thought out, as was the script, which was very, very good! Finally, the atmosphere was great, we would have believed once in the street. Special mention to the trapper who was totally in his role!

- participant à la chasse au trésor Viridis - Quartier Latin.

Alexia is an outstanding game master!

- Participant playing Stories on the menu with 40 other colleagues

I was able to meet people that I did not know at all and with whom I would not have approached naturally!

- participante au jeu BaPuPa - BAnc PUblic PArlant.